New Tupac Movie Claims He's Alive & in New Mexico

A new Tupac Shakur movie is being prepared that will explore the possibility that he is still alive and hiding in New Mexico

A new Tupac Shakur movie is being prepared that will explore the possibility that he is still alive and hiding in New Mexico

As for how Pac could have pulled this off, he asserts that the rapper used a body double and fled the city via a private helicopter and later relocated to New Mexico.

The "California Love" rapper died in a rain of bullets in Las Vegas on September 13th, 1996.

A new documentary, 2Pac: The Great Escape From UMC, claims that the legendary rapper, Tupac Shakur, actually faked his own death and now lives with a Native American tribe in New Mexico.

The documentary claims that Tupac knew about the planned hit on him, which allegedly gave him time to plant a body double in #SugeKnight's vehicle.

We're going to need a lot of popcorn to watch 2Pac: The Great Escape From UMC.

Adding to the list of conspiracies is yet another fictional movie in the works that suggests the Brenda's Got A Baby rapper, who is one of the most influential and charismatic musicians in history, escaped the attempt on his life and sought refuge in New Mexico. The doc's filmmaker, Rick Boss, says Tupac still ended up in University Medical Center but escaped.

The filmmaker insisted that the plot is not a wild fantasy - but facts gleaned through his close connections to Shakur's inner circle.

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'So you can't travel out so the best way to escape is through helicopter, private helicopter to another state'.

Boss added that Federal Bureau of Investigation agents can't legally go onto tribal land without the tribal council's permission, which is why Tupac apparently escaped to Navajo land in New Mexico. Tupac then "allegedly" planned aerial exit from Vegas.

Boss added: 'When certain Federal Bureau of Investigation agencies are looking for you, they are going to block the airport. You can write a fiction story but this is not a fiction. "This is facts through certain people I know", said Boss.

The film, which is still in production and hoping for a release next year, has not persuaded everyone, however - including Richard Garcia, the actor playing Shakur in the reenactments who still believes the star was shot dead. "Through our memories, through our hearts, through our tribute", Garcia said.

"He's gone but he lives on like you said, like his mother said", Garcia highlighted.

Boss revealed that he wants he Tupac fans to see the film and decide whether they believe the conspiracy or not. The film is now in production and is expected to be released next year.

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