US Believes Huawei Has Secret Access to Networks

US Believes Huawei Has Secret Access to Networks

US Believes Huawei Has Secret Access to Networks

That move got the goat of Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN), so he introduced a bill that would bar the United States from sharing intelligence with any country that permits Huawei to operate inside its networks.

The new USA statements come after a surprise decision from the United Kingdom to allow Huawei to supply non-core equipment to the country's networks. "The report by the Washington Post this week about how the Central Intelligence Agency used an encryption company to spy on other countries for decades is yet additional proof".

Huawei Technologies Co. has for over a decade been able to use a backdoor method intended only for law enforcement to gain access to US cellular networks and private information without the knowledge of the networks, the Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday. They allege that no one, no matter where they live, is out of Huawei's reach.

"U.S. allegations of Huawei using lawful interception are nothing but a smokescreen - they don't adhere to any form of accepted logic in the cybersecurity domain", the tech giant said in a Wednesday statement to FOX Business. According to the sources of The Wall Street Journal, Huawei does have this access, without the providers knowing about it.

While everyone was distracted with Justice Department controversies and the New Hampshire primary, a senior Huawei official has conceded that the company can clandestinely access users' mobile networks.

Huawei has issued its retort to US accusations that it has access to telco networks, suggesting the US Government should be more mature than resorting to PR and propaganda campaigns.

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Huawei added that it doesn't develop or produce any interception equipment beyond this. In most cases, authorities must notify the network operators before obtaining access, and operators are not legally authorized to use the backdoor access themselves. Even The Wall Street Journal confesses that United States authorities are not able to offer any concrete information worrying these so-called "backdoors". It is these portals that Huawei has exploited, which goes against the industry standards because it is at the manufacturing end. Germany is also using gear from Huawei, but says their legal-intercept system was built by a German company. These "backdoors" were originally intended for law enforcement.

It's said the USA government provided proof to officials and telecommunications companies in the United Kingdom and Germany during a private meeting.

"We merely cannot threat permitting Huawei - and by extension the Chinese language authorities - having back-door entry to our telecommunications networks", stated Ian Prior, a spokesman for 5G Motion Now, an curiosity group.

However the United States federal government has actually attempted to weaken individuals's gain access to to strong file encryption by pressing Apple and other tech suppliers to install backdoors in their items.

Apple has so far resisted, saying that such a backdoor would compromise the security of all iPhone users.

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