Chrome 82 skipped as Google reforms release cycle

Google Chrome Canary

Google Chrome Canary

While Chrome 82 won't be released, there's no need to worry as the majority of features planned for it will likely arrive with version 83 of Chrome instead.

Chrome 81, which was due for release on 17 March, is now still in a beta channel and will stay there until 83 is ready to be promoted.

For the past few years, a new Chrome release has occurred every six weeks, with changes coming to Chrome OS shortly afterward. Director of Technical Program Management Jason Kersey writes in a post the beta channel will stay on variant 81 until 83 is prepared to advance from the development channel, while 82 will avoid its cycle through the procedure altogether.

Microsoft paused the release of major new updates to its Edge browser due to coronavirus.

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As a result, Chrome 82 is effectively dead, as Google will not be pushing its release to developers.

The novel coronavirus is continuing to cause impediments in the tech industry, and this time, browser updates are being affected.

Similar disruption has been felt at Microsoft, which has also paused the release of new versions of its Edge browser to remain consistent with Chrome. About Chromebooks notes Chrome OS highlights foreseen for version 81 that incorporate simpler sideloading of Android Studio applications and an improved Bluetooth pairing setup, however, the entirety of that should pause, and in light of current circumstances.

The delay is understandable as in the case of new software releases, bugs are often reported and with reduced staff, it would be hard for Google to address those vulnerability concerns, if these arise.

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