First Orange County inmate tests positive for coronavirus

New Jersey to release low-level jail offenders to prevent spread of coronavirus

New Jersey to release low-level jail offenders to prevent spread of coronavirus

All the inmates prior to release are having their temperature taken and are asked a series of questions about their health and whether they are experiencing coronavirus-type symptoms such as a cough, shortness of breath, runny nose or sore throat, Correctional Facility Warden Christopher Klein said. Those prisoners, who venture outside to work in the initiatives of Prisons Department such as the "Freedom" fuel stations and Freedom Prison Bazaar were instructed to wear masks. Another correctional officer has also been confirmed positive for COVID-19. "This risk makes it imperative that DOC immediately take steps to proactively respond to the virus to protect those individuals". There are close to 18,000 prisoners in custody in the state.

Inslee's office said it's having ongoing conversations with the Department of Corrections (DOC) about the issue, but that no decisions have been made.

In Texas, 715 cases of COVID-19 have been reported, along with 11 deaths.

"We know that prisoners will be released over the course of this year while, I suspect, the pandemic is still very much in its ascendancy", she said.

While announcing, the Ministry of Justice said: "We have suspended all prison visits in England and Wales for today".

Georgia Three detainees test positive for coronavirus as concerns escalate over unprepared prison system

"Releasing people from prisons is an essential step in fighting the coronavirus", said Nick Straley, an attorney with Columbia Legal Services.

If an outbreak were to occur in a prison, it's likely it would also impact the wider community.

Sheriff officials said they have an electronic card system that can track inmates the man has been in contact with, so they are working to notify these contacts of possible exposure to the coronavirus.

King County said Tuesday its has already reduced its jail population by 300, and that it is trying to reduce the number of prisoners by one-third overall, from 1,940 to 1,200, to ensure each has a single bunk.

France extends and toughens Covid-19 lockdown measures as death toll rises
The court was petitioned by doctors' unions and the French medical council for a total lockdown restricting all public movements. Over one-third of the country's ventilator-equipped beds are occupied at this point, health agency director Jerome Salomon said.

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