Positive Cases of COVID-19 Continue to Climb in Iowa

A to-go box holds the ingredients for a Grandad's Old Fashioned cocktail at Rodina in Cedar Rapids on Friday March 20

A to-go box holds the ingredients for a Grandad's Old Fashioned cocktail at Rodina in Cedar Rapids on Friday March 20

But Reynolds said she doesn't think the stricter "stay-at-home" measures imposed in states like California and NY are necessary in Iowa at this time because residents are complying with state guidelines to avoid gatherings, maintain social distance and stay home if people are sick.

They can now apply for up to $25,000 in state grants to stay afloat during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Iowa Department of Revenue will review each application as applicable, to determine if it is appropriate to grant a deferral of the eligible taxes and waiver of penalty and interest.

Those with fewer than 50 employees may be eligible to delay their unemployment tax payments. "It is a stopgap basically to keep the doors open because the first thing we're dealing is keeping as many people employed as possible". "Second is liquidity. And so this is a stopgap, very short period of time until the resources from the federal government begin to flow".

USA lawmakers close to a $2 trillion stimulus bill
Multiple lawmakers said a final version of the bill was being drafted Tuesday. "It has unemployment insurance on steroids ". A Senate vote could come later in the day or on Wednesday. "I hope today is the day this body will get it done".

Last week, Gov. Kim Reynolds ordered all restaurants and bars to close except for takeout and delivery. The listed businesses will be closed through at least March 31st. Beth Townsend of Iowa Workforce Development called the number of unemployment claims "unprecedented" and "staggering".

Officials have set aside $4 million for the plan, with $2 million coming from the Emergency funds the Legislature authorized before adjourning and $2 million form the Iowa Economic Development Authority.

Businesses that receive the grant will automatically be granted a sales and withholding tax extension; businesses that don't receive the grant can also apply for that. Before suspending the legislative session, lawmakers gave Reynolds permission to use up to about $20 million in emergency funds and gave her more transfer authority. The deadline for applications is March 31 at 12:00 p.m. (noon).

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