Rumour suggests Apple is still working on AirPower

Rumour suggests Apple is still working on AirPower

Rumour suggests Apple is still working on AirPower

The rumours of AirPower's demise may have been at least slightly exaggerated, at least if recent leaks that have apparently come from inside Apple can be taken at face value. Founder of Front Page Tech, Jon Prosser, reports that the AirPower project has been revived, though internally.

US-based technology giant Apple has been providing wireless charging support to iPhone models it has released over the past few years.

Rumor had it the company experienced issues with heat management and interference, something that Apple's big honchos believed was too much of a headache to go forward with the AirPower.

Apple is reportedly still working on its wireless charging mat - AirPower.

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"AirPower is not dead", he tweeted over the weekend, adding that prototyping is underway now and that while there is no guarantee that Apple will succeed this time and release it, engineers at the The company "has not yet given up and we are trying to redesign the coils to displace the heat more effectively".

Overheating due to multiple 3D charging coils in close proximity was said to be a primary reason for the failure in AirPower's release. A charging mat that could power three items at once, no matter where they were placed. Many Android smartwatches suffer from the same limitations. Apple claimed its wireless charging mat would allow users to place devices anywhere in the mat to charge whereas results were unsatisfactory in internal testing.

Well, Apple might just change the AirPower name to something else entirely. He also doesn't mention how long Apple has been working on the project, but suggests that it is prototyping designs.

But it gives us hope that someday there might be an official way to charge most of your Apple devices to a surface, and perhaps even arrive in time for the iPhone 12 launch.

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