Union County Voters Advised on Vote-by-Mail during COVID-19 Outbreak

Election Day in Kalamazoo

Election Day in Kalamazoo

Of those, 129,000 were cast in person at early-voting locations set up in each county. Not this month in California.

Election Day for the general primary election is on Tuesday, March 17. Or you can choose from five Republicans, including President Trump. Which explains why early voting works just fine in the fall.

Voters who have already mailed their ballots can not change their vote at the polls or at their clerk's office on Election Day.

This reality exposed a big weakness in the state's early voting this year. To vote at a student's prior home address they can use an absentee ballot or vote in person on election day.

Following complications with voting centers in Los Angeles County on Super Tuesday, Senator Ben Allen announced plans requiring L.A. County to improve the voter experience requiring the County to either increase the number of vote centers made available on Election Day or provide all voters with vote-by-mail ballots for the Fall 2020 presidential election. Voters who do not must sign an affidavit to vote.

Democrats are using a primary for the first time.

Disneyland to Shut Down Due to Coronavirus Outbreak
Disney , known for rarely closing its amusement park doors, will close Disney World in Central Florida from March 15 to March 31. They also ensured the employees working at Disney that they may continue to pay the cast members during this time.

Interested registered voters must apply online at www.CookCountyClerk.com/agency/election-judges and attend a mandatory training class to be election judges.

"[Texas Republicans] passed a very strict voter ID bill that was found by a federal court to be racially discriminatory", Roth said.

If a voter wishes to take a photo of their marked or unmarked ballot in the voting booth, they may do so, but images of a voted ballot may not be shared within 100 feet of a polling place. To have an application sent by mail, call the County Clerk's Elections Division at 908-527-4996. However, the presidential primary is the only election where voters have to publicly state their political preference and that information becomes a public record.

It is likely we will see more effects during this primary of increased absentee ballots and same-day registration, especially on how they affect voter turnout and clerk staffing. The ballots are expected to create a particularly large workload for election volunteers as they scramble to complete the tally. South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg had planned an event in Seattle last Friday, but that was canceled after he dropped out on March 1. These reforms were solidified in the Michigan Constitution rather than by statute and include straight-ticket voting, automatic voter registration, same-day voter registration, and no-excuse absentee voting during the 40 days before an election, all of which make it significantly easier to vote. But they could not.

While supporters of these candidates who were headed to the polls on Super Tuesday had time to pick another candidate, those who participated in early voting or filled out absentee ballots in those states may have been out of luck.

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