Valve Software officially announces Half-Life: Alyx VR game after it got leaked

The announcement, of course, isn't the announcement we actually want - not unless Half-Life 3 is very different to what we've been anticipating. There has been a singular paste-bin link with overheard conversations regarding the newest Half-Life title, from the individual who leaked DOTA Underlords, that has everyone scrubbing through and gleaning whatever there is to be found.

So far, information about the new game is scant, but Valve will unveil further details about Half-Life: Alyx this Thursday, November 21 at 10am PT (6pm GMT / Friday, November 22 at 5am AEDT). In the now-deleted and alleged transcript, "Geoff" asks the dev team some questions about the decision to put a Half-Life game on VR before seemingly confirming Half-Life: Alyx for March 2020. The claim is based on a transcript of an interview Valve developers already gave about the game, which is supposedly created to fully immerse you into your character. However, if you're wondering why word of a Half-Life VR is spreading around again, these are the sources. This combined with a relative lack of games has made VR a poor investment for many gamers, which could make the new Half-Life inaccessible to them.

But it's verified, and the tweet has been retweeted by a few Valve folks, so we're confident it's legit: A new communications channel for a "new" kind of Valve, maybe.

The confirmation has arrived first on Valve's official Twitter Profile, confirming the full reveal of Half-Life: Alyx.

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Now it appears that "Half-Life: Alyx" will be part of an effort to further mainstream Virtual Reality technology. Second, there are substantial reports that Half-Life: Alyx will receive screentime at December's Game Awards. Well, it looks like we're finally going to see the first of that trio.

On the confirmed front, Valve has talked about how it's working on major VR video game projects. "You're not doing a flat-screen version of this game, right?"

After some recent leaks, Valve has officially announced Half-Life: Alyx.

Valve's tweet describes also Half-Life: Alyx as the company's "flagship VR game", meaning you'll probably need a virtual headset to play it. You can thank us later. However, with the announcement reportedly set for Wednesday, November 20, we should hear much more about Half-Life: Alyx sooner rather than later.

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