Stay the course, Dr. Bonnie Henry tells B.C.

Stay the course, Dr. Bonnie Henry tells B.C.

Stay the course, Dr. Bonnie Henry tells B.C.

The latest available data show that the average age of B.C. coronavirus patients is 54 years old, though the median age of those hospitalized for treatment is a decade older.

In a statement from Dr. Bonnie Henry and health minister Adrian Dix, the province stated there are still a lot of potential damage COVID-19 can do in the community. "The risk is still very high and there are many unknowns, but we are hopeful that with all of us standing strong, the storm will continue to lessen".

According to officials in the province, B.C.'s COVID-19 curve has flattened.

But officials still believe a vaccine will have to be developed for the virus before BC could fully return to "normal" life such as non-essential travel.

"Our new normal in the months ahead will be a modification of what we are doing now".

There are now 951 critical care beds across six health authorities with a current occupancy rate of 45.7%.

The Cowichan Valley Citizen is reporting that Henry's research suggests that B.C.'s case rate and actual intensive care unit admission rate is closer to South Korea's success in controlling the spread.

But it's too soon to become complacent, Henry said.

It can take up to six weeks to know whether someone will recover from the disease and the province will continue to see more cases and virus-related deaths in the future, she warned. In Northern Health there are 86 critical care beds, of which one was used to treat a COVID-19 patient and 28 for other patients as of April 13, for an overall occupancy rate of 33.7 per cent.

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Henry says that the modelling that was released today clearly shows the resiliency and 100% commitment of everyone in having a positive impact As such, "We are bending the curve".

If scheduled, non-urgent surgeries resume, that will reduce the extra capacity now in place to deal with a surge in COVID-19 cases, he said.

Dix acknowledged it is a time of both fear and hope. We have confirmed that the outbreak at Broadway Pentecostal Lodge was an influenza outbreak and not COVID-19.

But relatively stringent measures will continue for the coming weeks and months, she said.

However, the use of Italian and Hubei epidemics as reference points for now less important to modelling for provincial health authorities, and new models will be based on B.C. numbers going forward.

"We are experiencing a slowing of our rate of new infections, and we want that to continue, we need that to continue to move onto the next step", said Henry.

It's the difference between what did happen and what could have happened if people didn't adopt social distancing, Henry said.

She noted she expects the summer to bring more opportunities to connect with friends and family.

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