Amsterdam eatery trials greenhouses for socially-distant dining

A group of friend have dinner in a so-called quarantine greenhouses in Amsterdam

A group of friend have dinner in a so-called quarantine greenhouses in Amsterdam

The Mediamatic said it plans to implement the socially-distanced dining measures and it has already prepared for them, but the scheme might be canceled and the restaurant might be closed in case the government didn't approve it. As reported by Reuters, a series of small greenhouses (max. capacity: 3) has been constructed along the waterfront outside of their restaurant.

Mediamatic Eten, which specializes in vegan food, hosted a test run of the new design on May 5.

It is a problem that restauranters have been scratching their heads about: the way to re-open to diners and keep protected amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

How and where we eat may look vastly different than it did a few months ago.

Organisers call the project "Serres Séparées" (Separate Greenhouses) because they say it sounds better in French. The cubicles are designed for two diners - ideally, two people who live together.

Five visitors allowed into homes from Sunday
Providing there isn't a spike in virus cases, stage two will begin on June 12 in Queensland, and stage three on July 10. Outdoor Exercise: "Outdoor gymnasiums, parks, a maximum of 10 people allowed".

"Corona now forces us to rethink how we can do hospitality", the centre's director Willem Velthoven told a section of the media.

The restaurant also plans to reopen its normal dining area with some adjustments to help guests maintain social distancing, the restaurant wrote in a Facebook post.

"It's super-cozy, it's really cozy, it's nice and the food is delicious", said a woman invited to a trial dinner with her roommate, to Reuters.

A canal-side restaurant in Amsterdam held a trial run for their distance-conscious dinner service on April 27 during which pairs of patrons sat inside five newly installed, greenhouse-like glass enclosures. "Our greenhouses protect you from the outside and others while offering you a unique experience of intimate dining".

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