‘Back to Normal Again’: Largest Ever Ozone Hole Above Arctic Has Closed

The UN World Meteorological Organization says a hole in the Ozone layer over the Arctic, the biggest since 2011, has now closed.

However, when asked whether the ozone layer hole had closed due to COVID-19 pandemic-related restrictions on business and travel, which have decreased air pollution, Nullis revealed that the phenomenon was "completely unrelated to COVID".

According to CNN, scientists with the Copernicus' Atmospheric Monitoring Service (CAMS) have been monitoring the ozone hole since it was discovered in March.

"Actually, COVID19 and the associated lockdowns probably had nothing to do with this", the group tweeted Sunday.

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Start the day smarter. Most ozone depletion in the Arctic occurs in the "polar vortex", a region of fast-blowing circular winds, it said.

Ozone holes have formed annually for the past 35 years in the Antarctic because of human-made chemicals migrating into the stratosphere and accumulating inside a strong polar vortex, the group said.

Note, due to the thinning of the ozone layer the unsafe UV rays penetrate to Earth. Because of unusually warm temperatures high above Antarctica, the ozone hole shrank to its smallest size on record last October. "It's now back to normal again. the ozone hole has closed", Nullis said during a United Nations briefing in Geneva, Switzerland. The group reported that ozone levels in the Arctic were "nearly depleted". In the end, weakens the immune system of people, increases the risk of skin cancer, damage to plants.

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