Fans Rally For Chrissy Teigen After Food Writer’s Harsh Critique

Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen

Roman's remarks were considered offensive by some fans and followers, including Teigen-a model, TV personality and author of the 2018 cookbook Cravings who also helms a line of cooking utensils.

Teigen took to Twitter for a final message on Sunday, explaining to her followers why she'd be stepping back from a platform she uses so often.

Alison Roman has written a letter to Chrissy Teigen, and Marie Kondo, to apologise for her "uneducated and flippant" remarks.

Roman didn't stop there, adding, "That horrifies me and it's not something that I ever want to do". Also, the argument of "selling out" is such a middle school slam, a term bandied about by people of privilege who are jealous of other people's success.

The user said of "Chef Mike": 'He called me because his NY restaurant is closed and was reading the article about you and that sparked his rage. "Before, I never really knew where I stood in the industry, in the world", She said.

Not only was Chrissy crushed by the comments but her fans were outraged. The feud between the women escalated quickly with Roman first insulating that Teigen was a sell-out before trolls began jumping in calling Teigen's children, who were conceived by IVF, "Petri dish babies".

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Teigen replied on Twitter, sharing how upset she was to learn someone she admired had put her down. I don't aspire to that. I remember the exact time I realized I wasn't allowed to say whatever popped in my head-that I couldn't just say things in the way that so many of my friends were saying.

She mused about the absurdity of the accusation, writing, 'Imagine the ego to think someone is copying you when they haven't heard of you?'

Ideally, Roman could have refrained from voicing her disdain for Teigen's product line and cookbook success (as well as Marie Kondo's product line), and continued her path as a rising star with her cult-favorite recipes. "I'm a white woman who has and will continue to benefit from white privilege and I recognize that makes what I said even more inexcusable and hurtful", Roman wrote. "Anyhow. now that that's out there, I guess we should probably unfollow each other alisoneroman".

Chrissy shared the following message before going private.

"This is a huge bummer and hit me hard", Teigen tweeted on May 8. Her account is now set to private for those who don't follow her already. "I have made her recipes for years now, bought the cookbooks, supported her on social, and praised her in interviews", she tweeted along with a link to the story.

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