Frontline U.K. Healthcare Staff to be Given Trump-Backed Hydroxychloroquine

Trump says considering travel ban on Brazil over coronavirus

Trump says considering travel ban on Brazil over coronavirus

- The Mediterranee infection Institute in Marseille based in La Timone Hospital is at the forefront of the prevention against coronavirus in France.

It is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration to treat malaria, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, childhood arthritis, and other autoimmune diseases. You can ask, many doctors are in favor of it.

Dr Sean Conley, physician to the president, said in a statement issued through the White House later on Monday that Mr Trump was in "very good health" and "symptom-free".

He cited a missive from a NY doctor mentioning the drug's benefits and that he had no symptoms, implying it was being taken for prevention.

But its effectiveness for treating coronavirus has been a subject of debate: A recent analysis of the use of the drug to treat COVID-19 patients in USA veterans' hospitals found no benefit to using the drug and that there were more deaths among those given hydroxychloroquine versus standard care.

But is it effective against COVID-19?

They will be given either hydroxychloroquine or a placebo for three months.

The results of the United Kingdom trial are expected by the end of this year.

Trump to withdraw United States from Open Skies Treaty with Russian Federation
But the United States may "reconsider" the decision should Russia "Russia return to full compliance with the Treaty", Pompeo said. Exiting the treaty, however, is expected to strain relations with Moscow and upset European allies and some members of Congress.

"Hard scientific evidence from large-scale clinical trials is essential".

The double-blind, randomized, and placebo-controlled trial is expected to enroll 40,000 healthcare workers and staff from Europe, Africa, Asia, and South America who have close contact with COVID-19 patients.

Dr. Adrian Hernandez, professor of Medicine in Cardiology at Duke who started the program to study health care workers, told CNN the trial is expected to conclude this summer but could go into the fall.

The president said during a press briefing Monday he has been medicating with hydroxychloroquine as a preventive measure against coronavirus for more than a week. He recommended "that people participate in clinical trials for hydroxychloroquine, as opposed to taking it individually". "So really interesting to have that criticism of the president". Under the Emergency Use Authorization, the FDA authorized the drug's use as a potential treatment "only in hospitalized patients under careful heart monitoring".

The drugs are used to prevent and treat malaria and can reduce fever and inflammation. That was an apparent reference to a study of hundreds of patients treated by the Department of Veterans Affairs in which more of those in a group who were administered hydroxychloroquine died than among those who were not.

Hydroxychloroquine has become quite popular since US President Trump called it a "game-changer" in the fight against COVID-19.

Laboratory evidence shows that these well-established drugs might be effective in preventing or treating COVID-19 but there is no conclusive proof.

Chuck Schumer, the Democratic leader in the Senate, called Trump's behaviour "reckless" and hinted that the president could have talked about the medication to distract attention from bad news or even be "lying".

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