Google, Apple release jointly developed API for Covid-19 tracing apps

Apple and Google officially launch Exposure Notifications to fight COVID-19

Apple and Google officially launch Exposure Notifications to fight COVID-19

For the Exposure Notifications technology developed by Google and Apple, the user gets to decide whether or not to opt-in to Exposure Notifications. When a person reports being infected on the app, an alert is sent automatically to those who might have had contact with the carrier.

One of the biggest concerns that Australians have had in regards to COVIDSafe has been privacy. That being said, Apple and Google have a few times reminded that whether or not to activate this feature remains at the sole discretion of the user. It should not gather geo-location data and not be used for commercial purposes.

The report, however, added that Apple customers with phones older than the iPhone 6s, released in September 2015, won't be eligible to use the exposure notification software because out-of-date phones can't receive the latest updates.

A Google and Apple spokesperson said that the API can help improve battery life as utilises bluetooth down to the bare minimum point where it will still work.

Once you've downloaded and installed iOS 13.5, here are the steps for activating COVID-19 exposure notifications.

Operating together to design the contact tracing system implies that Android and iOS apps and apps from various regions will have to be able to recognize each other. This perhaps means that they are prepared for the possibility that these apps may still be necessary once travel restrictions across the world lift.

More than a month after announcing the plan to team up for a COVID-19 contact-tracing system, Google and Apple have made the technology available to the world.

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"That testing is ongoing". All data is encrypted and stored directly on the device and is not accessible to the phone owner or other users of the app, ensuring GDPR compliance. At the time of writing, no apps are now ready. Both companies should provide examples of real people who were thankful to be traced before they inadvertently spread the infection to their families.

Privacy remains a very important part of this new COVID contact tracing API.

These two tech systems have been working on new tracing tools for public health organizations.

That's probably why representatives from Apple and Google spent a good amount of time on the press call emphasizing that the tech companies are merely providing an "enabling" technology, and that it's the health agencies that will be building the apps and making the decisions on when and how to contact the exposed.

Apple and Google insist that no data will be shared with public health authority apps, apart from two exceptions.

"User adoption is key to success and we believe that these strong privacy protections are also the best way to encourage use of these apps", the firms claimed in a joint declaration Wednesday. The users will have full control to submit their COVID-19 positive diagnosis and to submit all keys associated to their devices with the public health authority. Only public health authorities will have access to that data-though we must note that Apple and Google will have no say in who these authorities then share the data with.

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