James Corden's pet gala is filled with fabulous furry fashionistas

15 Times Black Women Shut Down Met Gala With Iconic Fashions—Perfect To Recreate For The #MetGalaChallenge

15 Times Black Women Shut Down Met Gala With Iconic Fashions—Perfect To Recreate For The #MetGalaChallenge

The 2020 Met Gala was unfortunately cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, but the event would have gone down on May 4. Although Met Gala has been canceled for safety reasons, celebrities recreated their looks in its honor. However, all was not lost as celebrities got together to create a #MetGalaChallenge on social media to drop photos related to the annual event. "What would have been...."

She captioned the photo: "What would have been ..."

The Met Gala has been postponed indefinitely, but it definitely won't be in time for Katy to still wear this look before giving birth this summer.

Iran chops off zeroes from currency, changes ‘rial’ to ‘toman’
The legislation now has to be approved by the Guardian Council, a clerical body similar to a constitutional court. At the time, the rial took a nosedive and lost more than 60 percent of its value.

Katy Perry attends the Met Gala in 2019. A theme designed and inspired by the film of 1993, Sally Potter's Orlando, as explained by Vogue's Andrew Bolton, chief curator of the Costume Institute: "There is a wonderful scene in which Tilda Swinton in a labyrinth wearing a dress in the Eighteenth-century French, and then she runs, her clothes turn into a dress in the middle of the Nineteenth century".

The Russian was invited to the gala in 2016 as well, when she came dressed in red. To mark the day and lift the spirits, Jennifer Lopez shared a fabulous compilation of her looks on the exclusive red carpet. "It would be too iconic", one person wrote.

She added: "And I think we were both looking forward to this new interval of life and sharing this, so, that's kind of how it happens, you know?"

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