Mark Ruffalo Admits He Was Scared About Joining 'Avengers' as The Hulk

Mark Ruffalo Admits He Was Scared About Joining 'Avengers' as The Hulk

Mark Ruffalo Admits He Was Scared About Joining 'Avengers' as The Hulk

While speaking to host Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, the Green Goliath star got talking about Smart Hulk - or "Bulk", as he hilariously calls this version of the hero - and his pitch for a solo film for the brawny brainbox. 'Iron Man& # 39; Fashion.

The actor who has been playing "Bruce Banner" since 2012 said that he came very close to turning down the role.

But Whedon wasn't the one that ultimately convinced Ruffalo to take the role as Bruce Banner.

Of course, as Hulk fans may know, another movie for the Jade Giant is a hard thing to pull off due to Universal holding the distribution rights. Prior to that, he was well known to cinephiles, thanks to his work in movies like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Kids Are All Right, and Zodiac, which he co-starred in with Robert Downey Jr.

He said that he made a decision to play the role when he received a call from Robert Downey Jr. after his discussion with the director. Fans have been lamenting this fact for the past year, and it seems Mark Ruffalo agrees with them as he feels that this storyline could've filled its own movie.

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"I made a promise when I was a young actor that I would never do another movie without reading a script beforehand, because it's a recipe for disaster", Ruffalo said. "And I read that first scene of when Scarlett [Johansson], when Black Widow finds Banner in India, and I was like, 'OK, I love this".

Originally played by Edward Norton, the 2008 debut of "The Incredible Hulk" was eventually replaced by Mark Ruffalo in MCU's "The Avengers" film franchise. So, who knows, maybe the actor will get his wish?

Before officially signing on the dotted line, though, Ruffalo asked the notoriously secret Marvel Studios to see a few pages of the script for The Avengers.

"Avengers: Endgame" is now $15.5 million away from topping "Avatar".

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