Messenger Rooms is Soon Coming to WhatsApp Web

Messenger Rooms is Soon Coming to WhatsApp Web

Messenger Rooms is Soon Coming to WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp might soon let you make video calls with up to 50 participants on desktop, giving you a new alternative to Zoom, Skype and Google Meet for your video conferencing needs.

The screenshots come from noted WhatsApp tipster, WABetaInfo, and shows some of the shortcuts that will be implemented in the WhatsApp web app. Facebook is still working on this feature.

This update also included a new "Linked Devices" menu which will allow users to link new devices such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets to their WhatsApp account.

By using Messenger Rooms, people who want to host a video conference will be able to do so by creating a room right from Messenger or Facebook and then invite anyone to join through links.

WABetaInfo said that this feature is now under development and there is no official release date for the new functionality on Android, iOS, Android, web, or desktop.

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According to a report from WABetaInfo, a shortcut for Messenger Rooms has been spotted on the WhatsApp Web version 2.2019.6. The feature is yet not launched for everyone.

Once the user selects the Messenger Rooms shortcut within WhatsApp web or desktop, they will be redirected to Facebook Messenger to create a private room for video calls.

The Messenger Rooms shortcut will be available in the actions list in the chat. It said that the main shortcut will be available in the chat where the options to attach photos, documents, and contacts are available.

There is another shortcut seen in the main menu. You can learn more about Messenger Rooms here.

There's no word on when WhatsApp will take this beta feature and integrate it into the full public release of the WhatsApp Web. Also, it isn't confirmed or known if it will be available for iOS, Android.

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