NJ Parks Reopening Too Soon Or Par For The Course?

NJ Gov. Phil Murphy

NJ Gov. Phil Murphy

The governor, referring to Trump as "Mr, President", was effusive. The state's total stands at 7,228 fatalities.

A New Jersey golf course owner appeared on "Fox & Friends" Wednesday to break down the social distancing standards planned for the facility as it seeks to reopen safely during the coronavirus pandemic. Although studies show New Jerseyans feel more impacted by coronavirus than residents of any other state, many condemned Murphy for starting to reopen the state prematurely.

"This will bring us in line, broadly speaking, with our neighboring states", said Murphy. Though case totals have grown, New Jersey has seen a more than two-week decline in COVID-19 patients at hospitals in the state. Gov. Murphy, however, cautioned that officials with watching closely to make sure park-goers adhere to his social distancing orders.

County governments will still have an option to keep their individual parks closed.

Similar restrictions will be expected at golf courses.

"Let's be clear, we can not have everyone rush out to a park or golf course", said Murphy.

Up to 60 bodies found in 4 trucks outside Brooklyn funeral home
The home was able to obtain a larger, refrigerated truck later in the day, the official said, according to the Associated Press. The funeral home did not return messages seeking comment Wednesday. "That could have been my father, my brother", he said.

"By the way, he's a Democrat, so I'm getting myself in trouble, but that's okay", Trump joked.

It comes as the federal social distancing guidelines are set to expire with no appetite for renewing, and the scourge of deaths continuing at home with the highest single-day death toll with 460 new deaths reported Thursday.

Trump asked Murphy: "Phil, how do we do on ventilators as an example?" Gov. Phil Murphy has cautioned that the number of deaths reported Thursday does not necessarily reflect those who died from coronavirus in the last 24 hours as there are sometimes delays in confirming the deceased had the illness.

"I have to speak as President but I also speak as somebody that is in New Jersey a lot", he said.

Murphy met with President Donald Trump in the White House on Thursday to discuss increased coronavirus testing and financial aid for the state, according to CBS News.

Murphy says without the federal administration's help, the state will face severe state budget cuts.

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