Researchers Discover Promising New Treatment Against Covid-19

A special drug combo is accelerating recovery in coronavirus patients- BGR

A special drug combo is accelerating recovery in coronavirus patients- BGR

"Early triple antiviral therapy was safe and superior to lopinavir-ritonavir alone in alleviating symptoms and shortening the duration of viral shedding and hospital stay in patients with mild to moderate COVID-19", the researchers wrote.

The researchers found that patients who took the combination recovered within a flash period of 7 days, whereas patients who took the retroviral combination took 12 days to recover.

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According to the researchers, this may minimise the risk of antiviral resistance, and can be used as possible therapeutic approach for COVID-19, in which the viral load also peaks around the time of symptom onset.

COVID-19 is a new disease caused by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus, which emerged in China previous year. However, there is not enough drug to circulate, so remdesivir alone will not be enough. The drug can't reduce mortality rates either, so it will require additional medicines.

In a daily update of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education, 48 new death cases were registered overnight, bringing the total number of the deaths from COVID-19 to 6,589.

These are all developments in COVID-19 therapy which have been detailed over the last few days.

Govt tweaks COVID-19 discharge policy, only severe cases to be tested
On Friday, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare released its revised policy for the discharge of COVID-19 patients . India on Monday saw the highest jump in the coronavirus cases reported in a single day, and 97 fatalities in 24 hours.

Scientists in Hong Kong have reported successful treatment of the novel corona virus with a three-drug cocktail.

He continues, "Despite these encouraging findings, we must confirm in larger phase 3 trials that interferon beta-1b alone or in combination with other drugs is effective in patients with more severe illness (in whom the virus has had more time to replicate)". Another oral antiviral medication, ribavirin, which is prescribed to individuals suffering from Hepatitis C, is also a part of the composite. Interferon beta-1b is an immunity booster that can be used to treat multiple sclerosis. This drug is suitable for patients with mild to moderate form of severity of the disease. However, some patients were intubated and received ventilation therapy during treatment. This was 7 days on average when compared to the average of 12-days in the control group. According to the study, this took an average of twelve days in the control group.

Adverse events included nausea and diarrhea with no significant difference reported between the two groups. However, it still has to be investigated whether this is also the case in seriously ill coronavirus patients.

The single-day increase has been over 10,000 for seven consecutive days in the country, the center's data showed. Participants in the intervention group received oral lopinavir-ritonavir, ribavirin and injectable interferon beta-1b, while the control group received only lopinavir-ritonavir. It also suggests that the faster treatment is given after a positive diagnosis, the better the outcome for patients.

Kwok-Yung Yuen from the University of Hong Kong, and the results were published in The Lancet.

Chin-Hong added that the drugs used in the combination have a track record of safety and are easily available.

"Maybe we can get this when we can't get the so-called magic bullet", he said. Remdesivir is not and should not be considered a magic cure.

Note that it is yet to be seen what the best combination of drugs could be, paired with Remdisivir.

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