Slightly Earlier Shutdown in United States Would Have Saved 36,000 Lives

Paramedics and firefighters with Anne Arundel County Fire Department load a presumptive COVID-19 patient onto the ambulance

Paramedics and firefighters with Anne Arundel County Fire Department load a presumptive COVID-19 patient onto the ambulance

They said simulations based on several models showed that 61 per cent of the US cases of infection as of May 3 - more than 700,000 - and 55 per cent of the more than 65,000 recorded deaths could have been averted if social distancing and other safety measures had been in place a week earlier.

Nevertheless, the Columbia researchers determined that if the measures had begun two weeks earlier, then 82.7% of deaths and 84% of infections - or about 53,990 deaths and 960,937 cases - could have been prevented nationwide, they found.

About 83% of United States coronavirus deaths could have been avoided if nationwide lockdowns were imposed March 1, researchers at Columbia University estimate. "As a effect, early intervention and fast response are critical for limiting morbidity and mortality", the researchers wrote in the preprint study, which has not yet been peer reviewed.

Enacting stricter lockdown measures under that scenario would have prevented approximately 54,000 deaths, the researcher's models showed, at a time when the country ended up having 65,307 deaths.

But due to lack of a widespread testing strategy at the time, the virus began spreading undetected in communities around the country, researchers at Northeastern University previously told The Times.

The figures registered by the USA mean the country accounts for 32 percent of global COVID-19 infections and 28.4 percent of the world's COVID-19 deaths.

Mr Trump urged citizens to limit travel on 16 March, five days after the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus outbreak a global pandemic.

"It's a big, big difference", epidemiologist Jeffrey Shaman, who led the Columbia research team, told The Times.

Brad Pitt surprises the 2020 Missouri graduation class with a quarantine message
Elizabeth King, an assistant professor from Missouri State's College of Education, for putting the video together with Pitt. Hollywood actor Brad Pitt made a sweet gesture to surprise the class of 2020 graduating from his home state of Missouri.

The president is expected to tout the surplus of ventilators during a visit to a Ford plant. "I think when we get into April, in the warmer weather, that has a very negative effect on that and that type of a virus".

"So a year ago 37,000 Americans died from the common Flu".

The new filings brought the total number of claims since mid-March to roughly 38.6 million - roughly a quarter of the workforce. "It's above my paygrade as the governor of one state, but what federal agency?" They simulated undocumented and documented cases, tracked transmission in every county and movement between the counties, and analyzed how the virus spread by looking at the deaths over seven weeks.

Will he wear a mask?


A spokesperson for Ford said all visitors should wear PPE, but that the White House will decide whether Mr Trump complies. "Who should have known?", he said to reporters.

"I haven't even thought of it", he said in a cabinet meeting on Tuesday. "We're going to have growth that's beyond our expectations and we're going to see surges of people coming into hospitals again". "Where it's appropriate I would do it, certainly".

"We've been muzzled", one official said of the situation.

His comments drew criticism from MI attorney general Dana Nessel, who told CNN "we are just asking that President Trump comply with the law of our state".

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