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Thanks to the High-Speed SSD, PlayStation 5 Runs About ‘100 Times Faster Than PS4’

Thanks to the High-Speed SSD, PlayStation 5 Runs About ‘100 Times Faster Than PS4’

Aside from the declarations with respect to the consoles themselves, everybody excitedly anticipates the exhibition of new-age games.

With no official announcement of a PS5 console design reveal, we're going to have to wait a little longer to catch a glimpse at the machine. Unfortunately, this year has been quite an anomaly.

In the past, we've heard Microsoft is taking steps to avoid what happened in 2013, with the release of the Xbox One and the PS4. Despite a somewhat negative aura surrounding the launch of its next-gen console, Sony has kept tight-lipped about it.

The claim came from a Sony Corporate Strategy Meeting - a PDF of which is available to view online. Be that as it may, hello, we're not griping; we'll take whatever comes to our direction. CEO Kenichiro Yoshida revealed this in the briefing.

Both the Xbox Series X and PS5 will offer massive hardware updates that will make new gaming experiences possible. However, it is still an encouraging sign to see S ony stick to its line that the console remains on course.

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Firstly, we already know of a few yet-to-launch games that will be playable on PS5 right off the bat.

In order to further enhance the sense of immersion in games, we expect to improve not just the resolution, but the speed of games. We already compiled a list of confirmed games we can not wait to play on PS5.

Sony revealed in that earnings call that they are now preparing for the lineup of games for the PS5. Implausible as it would appear to be at this moment, imagine a scenario in which we could get an allude to God of War 2, Dragon Age 4 and Horizon Zero Dawn 2.

We can always dream, can't we?

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