Sony launches PlayStation Studios brand

PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4

Hardware costs money (this applies mainly to Xbox Series X) and Sony has chosen an expensive SSD solution for PlayStation 5, which also is rumoured to have a costly cooling system. The concept of Playstation Studios helps to connect all Sony-owned companies together.

Any game within this brand will receive the above introduction during startup. The new logo will appear on game covers.

To be quite honest it works, enthusiasts are to begin relating the PlayStation Studios logo with impressive, engaging and jaw-dropping titles and to have such an impact is just the cherry on top.

PlayStation Studios will replace the previously used name of Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios. My only issue is this: the video is 17 seconds long.

Honestly, it's probably a way to get around load times. The announcement came via a video showing the opening animation for the new brand.

Sony is doing a little remodeling. Hopefully, the PS5 rollout is coming soon. So, Sony believed to be the right moment to start developing some new tech.

PS4 clearly dominated the last console cycle. The PS5 should be more powerful, faster, and feature better gaming elements.

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Even though it may provide you with a quote of a degree that may take to finish, pictures reveal the factoring in play-style and information reach that amount. After all, Horizon Zero Dawn is going to be released on PC this summer along with Death Stranding.

The Uncharted series. God of War.

Sony has yet to announce a release window more specific than "holiday 2020", and has denied that the listing is accurate, claiming that the recruitment site made a mistake. I can't imagine any flubs occurring in their PS5 debut.

What we really wanted to do was create a way to bring the consumer into the world. "We've yet to hear back from an EU Sony rep, but will update our story again if we do", the Sony representative clarified.

That said, I think if the games compromised by just having a simple "PlayStation Studios Presents" like the SCE or SIE intros of old when you boot them up.

There is no evidence that Sony implements the voice assistant with the PS5 at launch.

The bottom line is Sony is doing this to solidify what games they directly had a hand in to put at ease the consumer who's anxious about the quality.

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