Super Flower Moon To Light Up The Night Sky On May 7

That makes the full moon appear slightly larger and brighter, though most casual observers probably won't notice a difference. As per the Farmer's Alamanac, the Full Moon of May is called Flower Moon because at this time of the year, in most areas, flowers are abundant everywhere.

The name is a part of the nomenclature of Full Moons that was used by Native Americans to record the passing of annual seasons, just as the Pink Moon is meant to signify the spring.

What is the Flower Moon?

According to Time And Date, the Flower Moon signifies the time of the year when wildflowers bloom in Northern hemisphere. This one will be at the distance of 361,184km from Earth.

Two meteor showers, the Eta-Aquariids and the Eta-Lyrids, also peak in early May, although NASA notes that the light of the almost full moon will interfere with visibility. Universe's PSA For Covidiots?

Thursday's super flower moon is the third straight super moon of the year.

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If you have missed the last month's Super Pink Moon, you can feast your eyes on the next super moon on May 7, 2020. It is also known as the Full Corn Planting Moon and the Full Milk Moon.

Another attractive celestial sight, May's full Flower Moon will rise just two days after the meteor shower.

"The next full moon will be on Thursday morning, May 7, 2020, appearing opposite the Sun (in Earth-based longitude) at 6:45 a.m. EDT", explains NASA on its website.

The closest approach is called the perigee and it occurs because of the Moon's elliptical orbit around the Earth where one side is closer to the planet than the other.

Flower Moon will be the last supermoon of the year; but it won't appear as big as the other two because of relatively greater distance.

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