This week’s Full Flower Moon will be the last Supermoon of 2020

This week’s Full Flower Moon will be the last Supermoon of 2020

This week’s Full Flower Moon will be the last Supermoon of 2020

The last supermoon of the year will appear early Thursday morning.

A super moon occurs when the moon is at the closest point to the earth in its orbit. Supermoons appear between 7% and 15% brighter than a typical full moon. The supermoon is known as the Super "Flower" Moon since it goes with springtime blooms. So you'll be able to see a mostly full moon from Tuesday evening through Friday morning.

The Flower Moon is said to get its name from the time-keeping conventions of Native American clans who gave various names to various full moon stages to stamp occasional changes.

The May moon has earned its "flower" nickname as a dedication to the spring in the Northern Hemisphere part of the globe. According to the Old Farmer's Almanac, cows, goats and sheep munch on plentiful sprouting weeds around this time, which helps them produce lots of rich milk. The Buddhist holiday, also known as Buddha Purnima, is informally called "Buddha's Birthday" by some, as it commemorates the birth, enlightenment and death of Gautama Buddha. The next full supermoon won't come around until late April in 2021. In Australia, the opposite occurs here with the moon appearing in Autumn months when flowers wilt.

Advertisement'Flower' Power Full Super Moon Moon The May Moon gets its nickname from spring in the United States since flowers are in abundance as spring kicks in.

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The Moon will be below the horizon between those hours, meaning the peak itself will not be visible. As we mentioned, the moon will look much brighter and larger than normal both times.

"The moon is now 224,370 miles from Earth and located in the constellation of Libra", he added.

What is a super moon?

The exciting fact about Supermoons is that the lunar surface seems closer to the Earth, given its changing orbit. This is because the Moon looks bigger and more yellow when it is closer to the horizon.

So now that you know not to expect a flower-shaped moon, here's how you can watch it in Australia.

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