Xiaomi officially launches MIUI 12 OS

Xiaomi officially launches MIUI 12 OS

Xiaomi officially launches MIUI 12 OS

Matter of fact, frustrated device owners are already petitioning for the release of Android 10 OS. With this iteration of the custom skin, Xiaomi has introduced a number of UI changes, privacy features, animations and much more.

This time the company has focused on bringing new privacy tools. Xiaomi released software updates for its browsers soon after, but the MIUI 12's privacy controls will further reassure the Mi users. It's a feature many others have offered for some time. Find out everything you need to know. And MIUI 12 brings additional unique properties. An organization govt stated animation renders barely otherwise after putting in MIUI 12, stretching more naturally throughout the display - particularly on smartphones with rounded corners - as a user faucets on an app. One can also expand it to see more options. The Settings section has also seen some changes, especially the Storage and My Device sections. Of course, we must remember that MIUI 12 does not have to come with a new version of Android since the layer and the system are independent. This function will be very useful when we watch a video, we are in a video call or playing a video game.

MIUI 12 adds what Xiaomi is calling an ultra-battery saver mode.

MIUI 12 gives users more control over their data now by offering more options when it comes to permissions. It's not clear what happens if this third-party app doesn't have its own dark mode, but it seems the improved mode tweaks contrast when brightness is low, which could help eye strain.

Xiaomi officially launches MIUI 12 OS

The backgrounds can also soften their intensity of colors, so as not to strain the view and the intensity of the white text will be regulated so that it does not overlap with the dark backgrounds disturbing. However, the Beta version of the MIUI 12 will begin rolling out next week. "When camera, microphone and location are running in the background, a bright notification icon will be shown on the status bar".

Xiaomi stated with MIUI 12, it's also offering customers with the flexibility to strip off delicate data similar to location information from a photograph earlier than they share it with their associates.

Support for multitasking is also getting an improvement, popping any additional app on a floating screen that users can move around to any part of the screen and engage quickly without having to switch from the game or other app that they were focusing on. That the messages are reserved to the screen of our mobile.

Here's a list of the features that will be present in the MIUI 12 update. The first batch of Xiaomi smartphones shall start receiving the update from June end. For the rest there will be two update rounds. The Poco lineup, which includes the Poco X2, Poco F2 Pro and Poco F1, will also get the MIUI 12 update. The date of this second round is not yet known.

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