California Regulators Set To Approve Nation's 1st Electric Truck Mandate

California passes 'first-in-the-world rule' to ban sale of all new diesel trucks by 2045

California passes 'first-in-the-world rule' to ban sale of all new diesel trucks by 2045

By 2045, "every new truck sold in California will be zero-emission", officials say.

The mandate which applies to the medium duty and large trucks will put an estimated 300,000 zero emission trucks on the road by 2035 according to the environmentalists.

The state of California is requiring all trucks to be zero-emission beginning in 2024, thanks to a new mandate from the California Air Resources Board.

In California in 2014, meanwhile, driving miles totaled 332.8572 billion or 11 percent of the 3.0257 trillion total miles logged that year in the U.S. If the same is true in California and about five-and-a-half percent of that is done in heavy-diesel trucks, then that means trucks in the Golden State recorded 18.3072 billion miles traveled.

In the coming months, CARB will also consider two complementary regulations to support today's action.

Heavy-duty trucks are the largest source of smog-forming nitrogen oxide (NOx) pollution in California.

Thursday's action was preceded by multiple CARB regulations to transition to zero-emission passenger cars, cleaner diesel fuel and improved technologies to limit diesel emissions for all trucks and buses.

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Nichols said the board plans to adopt rules next year requiring fleets to have a certain percentage of electric trucks. Over the past few years, CARB has also set rules to electrify buses used by transit agencies and shuttles at the state's largest airports by 2030.

Environmental groups hailed the decision.

Over a hundred people across the state and nation called to the California Air Resources Board's meeting Thursday to testify on the measure in front of an expected vote in the afternoon.

All truck manufacturers are developing electric trucks, powered either by batteries or by hydrogen fuel cells. But no one has yet imposed rules like these for work trucks, which unlike passenger vehicles are purchased with the intent of returning a profit. In a statement, Forum Executive Director Allen Schaeffer said California's regulatory environment has resulted in fleets keeping older, higher emitting trucks on the road for longer, and that only 36% of registered diesel trucks in the state are of the newest generation diesel emissions technology, "falling short of the national average of 43%, and well behind in where over 65% of all registered trucks are of the newest generation".

Additionally, an analysis by the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) found electric trucks in California emit 68 to 88 percent less life cycle global warming emissions than similar diesel trucks, depending on the type of vehicle.

And, the implications for breathing in diesel PM in California, are far-reaching.

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