Facebook Dark Mode for Mobile App Rolls Out to More Users

Facebook testing Dark mode for iOS

Facebook testing Dark mode for iOS

Facebook has been slow to introduce support for Dark Mode to all of its apps, but it has made some progress since its introduction in iOS 13, with Facebook Lite, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger apps for iOS and iPadOS all working with the iOS feature.

Unlike dark modes on the other properties of Facebook, this new mode won't just black out the background.

There is no word on the official rollout date for the dark mode support on Facebook, however, it is expected to happen soon.

Dark mode for iOS version of the Facebook app- Facebook testing Dark mode for iOS
Dark mode for iOS version of the Facebook app

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Twitter added its first version of dark mode all the way back in 2016, while Google recently added the feature to its mobile app and latest mobile OS - Android 10. The social network confirmed to Social MediaToday that Dark Mode for mobile is live for "a small percentage of users globally right now". The nation's largest carrier spent almost $1.9 million on Facebook and Instagram ads from May 22nd to June 20th. While the main Facebook app has lagged behind with offering a Dark Mode to users, that is finally being addressed. The feature has been available for desktop users since last month. Notifications icon, messenger shortcut and access to settings have also moved to the extreme right corner.

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