IPhone 12 won't be bundled with earbuds or charger, says analyst

IPhone 12 won't be bundled with earbuds or charger, says analyst

IPhone 12 won't be bundled with earbuds or charger, says analyst

Other claimed benefits include reducing plastic waste, while also reducing the size of the iPhone packaging, "helping lower Apple's freight costs and be [ing] better for the environment". And now, one concept artist has created a stunning trailer (below) based on everything we know so far, and it provides our clearest glimpse yet of the iPhone 12's design - in all its colourful glory. The 18-watt charger, as well as the 5-watt variant that comes with the standard iPhone 11, are expected to be discontinued towards the end of the year upon the new adapter's arrival. That is despite the fact that the 5G networking components make it pricier to produce.

Earlier this month, there were rumours that Apple's iPhone 12 will come with a new 20W USB-C charging adapter. That would save on air freight. According to Kuo's note, the Cupertino giant will release a 10.8 inch iPad in the second half of this year.

iPhone 12: Next-gen components, last-gen price?

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This more powerful charger will reportedly also be available as a standalone purchase for iPhone and older iPad users.

With no EarBuds or power adapter in the box, Apple may also opt for smaller packing, which will be more eco-friendly and should reduce shopping costs as more phones will be able to fit into a single shipment.

To put that into perspective, Apple's current spec monster, iPhone 11 Pro, can only manage to record 4K video at 60fps. That's going to be good for Apple's bottom line - even if customers are unlikely to be too happy with it immediately. However, for those that use the iPhone for video recording, it appears that Apple is upping the ante with a new slo-mo mode in 4K resolution. It seems that sacrificing in-box accessories may be the answer it came up with.

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