Japanese Firm Unveils Smart Face Mask That Connects To Phones

Japanese Firm Unveils Smart Face Mask That Connects To Phones

Japanese Firm Unveils Smart Face Mask That Connects To Phones

The mask, said to be capable of sending text messages via speech, is being marketed by its developer, Donut Robotics as a way to remain connected during the Coronavirus era. The C-Mask can be placed on top of a regular face mask and features Bluetooth, so it connects to your phone to make phone calls or even dictate messages.

Donut Robotics, the Japanese technology company that invented this c-mask, has stumbled upon this idea while searching for a product to keep up the company running in this outbreak.

The company originally secured a contract to supply robots that function as guides and translators to Haneda Airport in Tokyo prior to the coronavirus attack, but the deal now remains in limbo as air travel is still faced with restrictions. Ono says the company hopes to sell the masks in China, the USA and Europe in the near future. For instance, when you are out and receive a phone call, the mask can block your voice making it hard for the other person to hear you.

Donut Robotics expects to deliver at least 5,000 units of the mask in Japan before expanding to other nations, including the US, China, and Europe.

Japanese Firm Unveils Smart Face Mask That Connects To Phones

The novel c-mask has been priced at around $40, which is about Rs. 3,000, and will start shipping in Japan by the end of the year.

Donut Robotics built a prototype connected mask in just a month by adapting translation software developed for its robot and a mask design any particular one of the business's engineers, Shunsuke Fujibayashi, created four years back for students project to interpret speech by mapping face muscles. Ono said that the mask was developed four years ago and was meant to interpret speech by analyzing facial muscles.

It's now aiming to generate revenue through its subscribe based services through its apps.

Japanese startup Donut Robotics' CEO Taisuke Ono shows the c-mask and its mobile phone application. He said that we set our initial target of 7 million yen within three minutes and closed it after 37 minutes, during which we had collected 28 million yen.

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