NASA releases 10-year time lapse of the Sun

NASA releases 10-year time lapse of the sun

NASA releases 10-year time lapse of the sun

The timelapse online video NASA just introduced is absolutely unbelievable. "The images where the Sun is off-center were observed when SDO was calibrating its instruments", NASA explained.

The photographs used for the time-lapse video had been made by the Atmospheric Imaging Meeting - a multichannel imaging machine used for full-disc observations.

In a video released on NASA's website this week, the 10-year time-lapse condensed into 61 minutes shows the outermost part of the sun's atmosphere, called the solar corona, that gives rise to solar wind - the hot, energized, charged particles that stream outward from the sun and fill the solar system.

The US area company NASA has launched a time-lapse video recording the 10-year motion of the Sun. Apart from the routine rise and fall in the activity of the Sun, the video might also help space scientists collect new information about the transiting planets and other eruptions in the Solar system.

"A Decade of Sun" condenses 425 million high-definition images, snapped once every 0.75 seconds within the period of June 2, 2010 and June 1, 2020.

The video shows an entire decade of activity on the Sun in the span of a single episode of, well, name your favorite television series.

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While SDO has kept an unblinking eye pointed towards the Sun, there have been a few moments it missed, NASA said.

Lastly, the Helioseismic and Magnetic Imager (HMI) maps solar magnetic fields and "peers" beneath the Sun's opaque surface using a technique called "helioseismology".

The music in the video has been composed by German musician Lars Leonhard.

A longer blackout in 2016 was caused by a temporary issue with one of the SDO's instruments, which was resolved after a week.

Taking to their website, the agency recently released a one-hour-long time-lapse video of the star over the last ten years, captured by an orbiting satellite.

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