NBA may allow personalized statements on jerseys

Report: NBA players can replace name on jerseys with social justice statement

Report: NBA players can replace name on jerseys with social justice statement

Of course, we are talking about social injustice.

When basketball resumes, NBA players will be allowed to replace the last name on their jerseys with a statement on social justice, according to Shams Charania of The Athletic.

"NBA and the players union have been discussing various ways to allow players to express social justice issues in season restart". He said suggestions will be offered for players who are searching for a cause to support.

"We've been working with (NBPA Executive Director) Michele [Roberts], Chris [Paul] and Andre [Iguodala] and several other players on a shared goal that the season restart leads to collective action towards combating systematic racism and promoting social justice", Silver said.

"There's a lot of conversations that had to be had", Paul said. There will also be suggestions offered to players looking for a cause to get behind on their jerseys.

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Ja Morant saw it on social media and he loved the idea.

"The guys I talked to were definitely excited", Paul told Spears. "The reason I'm passionate and excited about it is that it gives a voice to the voiceless".

"I was just thinking about how forward thinking our league is and how passionate the players in our league are about different issues", Paul said.

Paul and his fellow athletes in the National Basketball Association and other sports have taken part in Black Lives Matter marches after Floyd's death, and Paul acknowledged that some players could wear the names of those who have been killed, if they get approval from their families. "Our guys have been marching on the frontlines and using their platforms".

"At marches they are saying, 'Say his name. For players, we want to know how someone feels, especially if you're putting their jersey on".

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