Number of schools reopening to more pupils varies across England

90 per cent of Hertfordshire schools reopen after COVID-19 isolation

90 per cent of Hertfordshire schools reopen after COVID-19 isolation

For most schools, who are having to split classes into groups of less than 15, there will not be enough space.

The government may be forced to drop plans for all primary school pupils in England to spend at least a month in class before the start of the summer holidays, as headteachers welcoming back the first groups of pupils following lockdown warned it was "ridiculous".

But while no major problems were reported to the county's education bodies, anecdotal evidence and a sample of Suffolk school headteachers suggested that many more parents than expected had chose to keep their children at home, while more schools than expected also didn't open their doors.

"This means some schools will not open this week, and there will be schools which are simply unable to bring in all the eligible year groups, that is reception, Year 1 and Year 6", he said.

But the proportion of schools reopening to more pupils this week is a mixed picture across England - with some local authorities reporting no schools will admit more children on Monday. We will discover how many families feel confident to come to school.

Schools have been in touch with parents about the arrangements for their children and the school's overall plans for phasing children back into the classrooms.

Writing in the newspaper, Anne Longfield, the Children's Commissioner, said: 'Based in school buildings and running throughout the holidays, summer schools could provide activities of all kinds, meals and potentially some learning too.

US Open plan in the works, including group flights, COVID-19 tests
The French Open has been postponed until September instead of May while Wimbledon has been canceled for the first time since 1945. Private flights will be organized from some key airports such as Paris, Vienna, Frankfurt, Buenos Aires, and Dubai.

MORE: Teachers and parents hold protest against school reopenings However the West Norfolk Academies Trust told parents it's schools will not reopen to more pupils on June 1. Children will begin returning next Monday.

Labour education spokesman Jack Abbott said: "Schools have been absolutely brilliant throughout the crisis, continuing to work hard to support children in incredibly challenging circumstances - many teachers were even in school on Sunday to prepare their classrooms".

"So children will work in small groups, they will stay in those groups every single day, work in those groups with the same adult. Of course, all our schools are different shapes and sizes, so they all have slightly different challenges".

National Education Union spokesman for Suffolk, Graham White, said many schools did not have the capacity for those year groups to go back with adequate social distancing. "We are [looking at] what additional measures may be required to ensure every child has the support they need, including over the summer", he said.

"It's hugely important that children do have the opportunity to get back into school and to learn but we are doing this in a very cautious and safe way". But listen to your headteacher and your school.

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson says children need to catch up with missed lessons and at school they "will be with their teachers and friends again".

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