You Sexualizing An 11-Year-Old…

YouTuber Shane Dawson ‘willing to lose’ it all after past scandals resurfaces

YouTuber Shane Dawson ‘willing to lose’ it all after past scandals resurfaces

Many wondered whether Shane Dawson, who has posted similar content, would make any sort of statement, and he has done so today.

"Blackface was something that I did a lot", he said. "There's literally no excuse", Dawson said.

That being said, he went on to mention his past videos, saying: 'I was at least 20 years old when I started YouTube. I knew it used to be inferior, I knew I never desired to discover it again, nevertheless I didn't discover the work. "I didn't actually look into the history of it and why it's so wrong and why people were so upset".

"I have done a lot of things in my past that I hate, that I wish I could make go away, that I tried to make go away by deleting videos, or un-tagging my Instagram, literally doing whatever I can to pretend those things didn't happen", Shane said. That story was pretend and was based mostly on a dumb awful sketch concept I had years in the past that I by no means made (THANK GOD) and when the chance got here up for a humorous second within the podcast I advised it as if it was an actual story which was DISGUSTING and VERY VERY DUMB. It is not something I would ever do.

"I'm so sorry to anybody who saw that and that also saw that people were lifting me up and were saying 'You're so amusing, Shane, oh my god you're so amusing", Dawson said.

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He also attempted to atone for a number of other offensive comments, such as when he appeared on a podcast and openly discussed "figuratively murdering someone". That person was filled with sadness, with anger...[was] in the closet.I hate that person so f**king much'. "I just wanted to see, let me pretend I'm a pedophile for a second", he shared. I don't know. I just wasn't thinking. "Especially for a white person to say". "And now it's the biggest regret in my life", he concluded.

Jaden Smith then took the lead and did not leave any stone unturned in showing Shane his mistake. "I said, 'Oh this is amusing, ' and I put that on the internet". Meanwhile, Willow's brother Jaden moreover spoke out in opposition to the YouTuber. "You sexualizing an 11-year-old girl who happens to be my sister is the furthest thing from amusing and not okay in the slightest bit", tweeted Jaden.

Jada and her son, actor Jaden, both slammed Dawson on Twitter on Saturday - a day after he apologised for past videos of him wearing blackface. He recently released a YouTube video in which he said that he is ashamed of what he has done.

He said: 'I'm willing to lose everything. "It was not my intention to do blackface". "I'm sorry, James. First of all, nobody deserves what happened. It's bad. I wish it wasn't part of my past".

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