Doc Rivers: Clippers' Players Thought Season Was Over

"I thought the one team that had to take action immediately was Milwaukee, if we were gonna take action at all, and again that's our choice".

At that point, Rivers' voice broke a bit, as he fought back the tears and continued.

For disclosure, Rivers is the son of a police officer. My dad was a cop. I thought some of the guys voiced that they know they are doing the right thing here, they know that they have a platform here but they just feel like they are not part of the movement in here. What's a good, tough day?' And I said, 'You had one yesterday. We're not trying to defund the police and take all their money away. "But we got to demand better".

"I didn't want to talk about it before the game, because it's so hard to just keep watching that".

Rivers' outpouring of frustration, anger and sadness over the latest police shooting of a Black person went viral, with video of his comments also shared by President Barack Obama. You don't- you need to be American and outraged. And how dare the Republicans talk about fear.

As Rivers started to choke up, he talked about being Black in the US and why police shootings are a reminder of it. To every Black child.

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And it just keeps getting- it keeps going. There's no charges. Breonna Tayl0r - no charges. For everybody. For everyone.

A Friday or Saturday resumption is hoped within the league, as Rivers said his players are ready to continue the postseason following an emotional meeting in Orlando, Florida.

Games on Wednesday and Thursday were postponed after the Bucks made a decision to sit out of Game 5 of their first-round series against the Magic.

Support of Black Lives Matter has been a constant since the National Basketball Association season returned amid the coronavirus pandemic, with the death of George Floyd in police custody in May bringing the movement to the fore.

Now inside the bubble, some players have expressed their frustrations that they can't do more, but comments from Rivers and numerous players show that just because the season has restarted, many are still committed to enacting change.

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