Endangered Tigers Captured on Camera in Thailand Bolster Hope for Species' Survival

Malaysia tigers

Malaysia tigers

There are now 13 tiger range countries - India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Russia, Thailand and Vietnam.

Tigers have been seen in western Thailand for the first time in four years, conservation groups announced Tuesday.

"We are confident that this partnership with Delhi Capitals will take the message of tiger conservation to a larger audience, inspiring them to further the cause of protecting our national animal and its habitats". He also released the "Status of Tigers, Co-predators and Prey in India report for 2018".

"Despite having only 2.6 per cent of the world landmass, 4 per cent fresh rainwater resources, 16 per cent of human population and 16 per cent of cattle population, India has 8 per cent of the world's biodiversity".

Southeast Asia is a major focus in the fight to save the world's big cats, whose numbers globally have plummeted from about 100,000 a century ago to about 3,900 today.

Released on Global Tiger Day, the footage was made public as part of a joint monitoring programme between Thailand, global wild cat conservation organisation Panthera and the Zoological Society of London (ZSL).

"The next important step for us is that we have to try and make the connecting routes of each forest area accommodating for them, in order for the tigers to roam safely", said Kritsana.

A database of Thailand's tiger population showed two of the tigers had come from the northern part of the forest to the south, while the third had not been documented before, she said.

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Tigers have vanished from other countries in the region including Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia, primarily as a result of poaching and the illegal wildlife trade.

"Thailand is absolutely essential for tiger populations and tiger conservation", said Panthera's Hallam.

2,967tigers in the country as per the latest census report. "Sustained and stronger protection of this area from poaching activity of any kind is the key to ensuring these individuals live on, helping Thailand's tigers to rebound", he said.

At least one of the tigers is thought to have traversed about 80 kilometres (50 miles) to settle in a region near the Myanmar border - a country that has just 23 tigers left in the wild according to estimates.

A tiger at a safari zoo in eastern Russian Federation.

In 2016, another breeding area for the Indochinese tiger was found in eastern Thailand, inside the UNESCO World Heritage site of Dong-Phayayen Khao Yai forest.

"The situation for tigers worldwide remains precarious, but successes like this show that through our work with communities and governments, we can see populations start to recover".

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