‘Pink Supermoon’ to be visible on April 8

It will occur when the moon is within 90% of perigee, which is its closest approach to Earth in orbit. Eastern Time, when the moon will be located 221,851 miles from our planet according to EarthSky. This will be bigger and brighter than last month's "Worm Moon" which was said to be the biggest and brightest of the year at the time. Despite its appearance in some photos, the moon doesn't actually turn pink - it's just a haze in some areas.

A pink supermoon rises above the Salgo Castle, on April 7. It was considered as the Moon's farthest distance from Earth for the year.

Out of the possible 12 or 13 full moons each year, usually only about three or four fit the classifications of a supermoon. Experts noted that the upcoming supermoon would be the brightest of the year.

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The supermoon appearing next week is also known as the Pink Moon. Instead, it will have a golden orange color when it reaches its peak.

The "pink moon" is the name given to the full moon of early spring, named for the flower Phlox subulata, a common springtime flower.

The full moon on Tuesday night is also called the Pink Moon, the Sprouting Grass Moon, Egg Moon, Fish Moon, the Passover Moon, Paschal Moon, Hanuman Jayanti, and Bak Poya.

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