And it's not just Google Pixel phones

Android 11 is here – and it’s not just Google Pixel phones

Android 11 is here – and it’s not just Google Pixel phones

However, Google is working on a new Android feature that promises to help users easily tell the good calls from the bad.

Verified Calls is a feature of the Phone app on Android, which is typically pre-loaded on most phones, but will also be available for download later this week, in case your phone manufacturer chose to go with a custom dialler.

At long last, the final build of Android 11 has arrived, and it's now rolling out to Google Pixel devices.

Google is bringing a new call verification feature to its Android Phone app, enabling businesses to confirm their identity and communicate a reason for their call - before the recipient even answers. As you can see in the GIF below, that means text messages, Facebook Messenger chats, and more will live in the same place and switching between them is as easy as tapping the corresponding bubble. Allowing you to pop conversations into bubbles and respond to them without leaving the app you are now in. Support for waterfall displays and dual-screen phones has been improved, more of the OS can be updated through the Play Store thanks to Project Mainline, apps can test for 5G connections, video and image decoding is faster, and variable refresh rates are natively supported. We also like that you can now hold the power button on your Android phone to view your Google Pay cards, and that playback controls have been moved from the notification tray to the quick settings panel. It's now easier to provide an app with one-time permissions to access your microphone, camera and location, helping you to ensure that an app won't have perpetual access to your location, for example.

Call of Duty: Warzone removes vehicles due to game-breaking glitch
This glitch can not be done with a vehicle (via ModernWarzone ), hence it got taken out ASAP in an emergency update. Playlist updates for Call of Duty are generally released during the week and not over the weekend.

If you own a compatible phone, you should see an upgrade notification for Android 11 soon. But Android 11 is at least something for Android devotees to get excited about, especially as the tech world prepares to spend an entire month talking about that other phone company.

Built-in screen recording is finally here: Now you can capture and share what's happening on your phone. Or you can choose not too. Once you've given permission, the next time you open the app you'll need to give permission again. This is an over-the-air software update for owners of Google's Pixel devices (Pixel 2 and newer) as well as devices from OnePlus, Xiaomi, OPPO, and Realme. Normally only the Pixel gets the new version of Android on day one.

Verified Calls will be available first in the U.S., Mexico, Brazil, Spain, and India, with more countries added in the coming months.

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