Epic's Tim Sweeney outlines his case against Apple in a Twitter thread

Three video game characters from Fortnite stand in front of a yellow background

Three video game characters from Fortnite stand in front of a yellow background

Earlier on Thursday Epic Games offered to lower price points in the Fortnite game by 20 percent, also introducing a new in-app direct-payment option on iOS and Android systems, with the option of purchasing through the App Store remaining in place.

Anticipating this, Epic had lawsuits drawn up against both Apple and Google and launched them at the moment the Fortnite was removed from both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Epic has become one of the most important game developers in the world on the success of Fortnite, which is available on PC, consoles, and mobile.

The allegation in question is described below. "They were baiting Apple and Google to take their apps down from the store". I don't know, I must be out of touch.

Epic explains that this allows the company to "pass along the savings to players", noting the "exorbitant 30% fee" Apple and Google collect on every V-Buck payment as a reason for the alternate, discounted payment method on mobile.

As a result, Fortnite has been removed from both Apple's and Google's app stores.

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Speaking of which, Series One is "the first system that we built from the ground up specifically for Google Meet", Varghese said. This means distracting sounds, like snacking or typing on a keyboard, are filtered out completely, but voices are crystal clear.

"A customer choosing to purchase or switch to a non-Apple device loses access to these services, leading to increased costs a customer must face when choosing to leave Apple's ecosystem", Epic Games is cited as saying in its statement. Users meanwhile can still use Epic's in-app payment system.

However for transactions arranged on iOS, Apple has insisted on taking their 30% App Store cut, despite Facebook's request to give small businesses a break, meaning on the web or Android businesses get 100% of the money, but on iOS they only get 70%.

Epic also hit back by releasing an online ad that mimics an Apple advertisement released in 1984.

Now watch Epic Games' parody of it ...

On top of that, Epic's CEO noted that their fight isn't about getting a "special deal", but more so "the basic freedoms of all consumers and developers".

We don't know how this will end just yet.

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