European Union executive signs contract for up to 300m Covid-19 vaccine doses

Covid-19 Group of rich countries have secured more than half of future vaccine supply says Oxfam

Covid-19 Group of rich countries have secured more than half of future vaccine supply says Oxfam

Moderna has a vaccine supply deal in place with the USA for 100 million doses, and has finished advanced talks with the European Union for the vaccine. There are now no COVID-19 vaccines approved by US regulators, although a handful are in late-stage trials to prove they are safe and effective.

Pune-based drug maker signed a deal with British-Swedish company AstraZeneca to manufacture COVID-19 vaccine candidate, developed by the University of Oxford.

"Currently, a phase 3 clinical study is underway in the United States, Germany, Argentina, Turkey and South Africa, in order to verify the effectiveness of the vaccine candidate", the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a press release.

To help meet the expected demand if their contender wins approval, both drugmakers are ramping up manufacturing for the antigen and adjuvant used in the shot, which is scheduled to enter phase 3 human testing later this year. He said Moderna will know by November if the vaccine can be readied for commercial use.

"India is one of the leading vaccine producers", Dmitriev said, adding that his agency is engaged in "active dialogue" with New Delhi and Indian companies to secure a deal on production in India.

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Despite the World Health Organization and other groups repeatedly stressing that no-one will be safe from Covid-19 until everyone is, and a number of global initiatives meant to ensure equitable access to any vaccine developed, countries have scrambled to put themselves at the front of the queue. The current front runners are Pfizer Inc and Moderna Inc.

The revelations are aimed to address concerns that pressure to bring out a vaccine before the November US presidential election could lead to unsafe products. It can be seen that at least eight candidate vaccines being developed in India. He added "They're at this stage where they're actually making it because they feel very confident as to the results". "The end of the year target for getting vaccine roll-out, it's a possibility but there's absolutely no certainty about that because we need three things to happen", Sarah Gilbert earlier told.

In an interview with MSNBC, Bancel said the company cares "deeply that this vaccine is trusted".

And as per the hints being received from the authorities so far, healthcare and frontline workers, or "COVID warriors", who are the forefront of the country's battle with the virus and are most susceptible to it, will be the first ones to receive any vaccine that passes all regulatory norms. Caty Weaver was the editor.

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