Game ads removed from UFC 4 following backlash

EA Removes UFC 4 In-Game Ads After Player Backlash

EA Removes UFC 4 In-Game Ads After Player Backlash

The ads, for Amazon show The Boys, were injected into the action replay segments of the game - an integral part of a sports fighting franchise. "Apologies for any gameplay confusion that the player may have experienced".

Electronic Arts have been experimenting with advertising in UFC games for a long time, but this case may dampen the publisher's enthusiasm.

Regarding the controversy over the lack of communication for the addition of such a "sensitive" element in the gameplay dynamics of UFC 4, the spokesperson for EA specifies that "We understand that we should have announced the introduction of these commercials in advance". However, a few weeks later, they began to appear, promoting a new Amazon Prime Video release.

Players of UFC 4 were greeted by the surprise introduction of advert overlays into the game over the weekend, sparking no small amount of backlash online and forcing EA to U-turn quicker than a UK Education Secretary dishing out dodgy A-level grades. "Thank you for your continued feedback on EA SPORTS UFC 4", it concluded.

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In-game advertisements, of course, are nothing new, particularly for players of free-to-download games and mobile games that are used to watching ads to get to the next screen. These video ads blocked out the gameplay being reviewed and were programmed to appear at the beginning / end of the replay segments.

"We want to make sure our players have the best possible experience playing EA SPORTS UFC 4, so ad integration in the Replay and overlay experience will not be reappearing in the future".

In the past, even in titles like National Basketball Association 2K19, in-game advertisements have generated quite a few discontent among fans. If it was just on the octagon canvas then it would actually be pretty cool. As good of a TV show as that might be, UFC 4 players didn't appreciate adverts for it popping up in the middle of their game and quickly took to Reddit to voice complaints. "Or if it was a little trailer in the corner of the screen for five seconds", he added.

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