Inexpensive Steroids Can Save Lives Of Seriously Ill COVID-19 Patients

Illustrative A bottle and box for the steroid dexamethasone

Illustrative A bottle and box for the steroid dexamethasone

This is the fourth successive day in September when over 2,000 new cases have been reported, and is also the highest single-day spike in 69 days. As Prescott and Rice explained, these drugs work to counter the runaway inflammatory response - the so-called "cytokine storm" - that can drive late-stage COVID-19 and overwhelm patients' defenses.

Of the newly imported cases, three were reported in Guangdong and Shaanxi provinces each, two in Shanghai, and one in Fujian and Gansu provinces each, the commission said in its daily report. The finding showed that corticosteroids might help reduce the risk of death among patients with severe COVID-19.

Dr Sabina Sahanic, who worked on the study at the University Clinic in Innsbruck, said: "The bad news is that people show lung impairment from COVID-19 weeks after discharge; the good news is that the impairment tends to ameliorate over time, which suggests the lungs have a mechanism for repairing themselves". On June 23, the capital had reported the highest single-day spike until date with 3,947 cases. They covered the aspects of containment measures, contact tracing, surveillance activities, facility-wise case fatality rates, trends in terms of weekly new cases and deaths, etc, the ministry said.

In a bid to increase the number of beds for coronavirus patients, the Rajasthan government on Saturday allowed private hospitals to rope in nearby hotels as extended COVID care centres where asymptomatic patients can be treated. Hospitals in the "B" category can charge 80 per cent of the rate fixed for three categories of patients in the "A" category hospitals, while hospitals in the "C" category can charge 60 per cent of it, he said.

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A high-level meeting through video conferencing was held by Rajesh Bhushan, Union Health Secretary with the health secretaries of six states and two Union Territories (UTs) on the containment and management of COVID-19 in over 35 districts under their jurisdiction.

The number of new asymptomatic cases rose to 17 from eight a day earlier. The states were also advised to effectively monitor home isolation cases and early hospitalisation in case of disease progression, seamless hospitalisation and early admission for patients requiring medical support, especially in cases of comorbid and elderly population, besides following effective infection control measures in hospitals to safeguard healthcare workers from contracting the infection.

The meta-analysis included a total of 1,703 critically ill patients with COVID-19 who were recruited through June 9, 2020 (selected to limit influence by the RECOVERY results).

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