Israeli top model Bar Refaeli sentenced in tax evasion case

Israel Top Model Bar Refaeli Sentenced In Tax Evasion Case

Israel Top Model Bar Refaeli Sentenced In Tax Evasion Case

The judge reportedly gave the duo some consideration, including the fact that Rafeli has three children, and her mother has a medical condition.

Wearing a face mask, Refaeli attended the court hearing on Sunday in a beige T-shirt.

The former Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover model, now a popular TV personality in Israel, pleaded guilty to offences related to her worldwide earnings in a plea bargain that included her mother.

Refaeli's people group administration will be at an office in a Tel Aviv suburb supporting individuals with extreme physical and mental inabilities, starting on September 21, as indicated by the decision.

The agreement will also see the family required to pay any outstanding taxes that are ruled to be due, as well as a 5 million shekel ($1.4 million) fine. TV personality A female Peach Woman whose image is ubiquitous on highway billboards nationwide. Last year, she hosted the Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv.

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Israeli taxation law determines residency mostly upon whether the individual spent almost all of their calendar year from the nation. Refaeli claimed that she hadn't and therefore did not have to declare her income during certain years.

The case centres around Refaeli's residence during years when she travelled around the world in high-profile modelling campaigns, graced the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition and had a lengthy romantic relationship with Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

Her claim though was rejected by the prosecutors and she was charged for providing incorrect tax information.

Israel tax authorities accused the two of evading paying taxes on income of about $7.2 million. To avoid paying Israeli taxes, Refaeli also claimed that she lived overseas.

"In prior appeals, an Israeli court ruled that Refaeli's connection with DiCaprio didn't qualify as a" family unit", and so she couldn't maintain his US home to avoid paying off the total taxation she owed. According to the indictment, she said she had signed a lease for her daughter in the name of another family member, obscuring Lefa Eli's real residency and not reporting her income as her daughter's agent. When the plea bargain became public news in June, her lawyers said it proved the model didn't intentionally evade tax.

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