Kim Kardashian West responds to criticism of Skims maternity shapewear

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The latest example took place this weekend when stories published on the topic of maternity shapewear made it sound as if Kardashian, Teigen and Jamil were entrenched in a battle royale, when in fact they were the only celebs really talking about it. Jamil deemed the garments unnecessary and exclusionary, but Kardashian and Teigen argued that they were pragmatic, providing support for pregnant bodies rather than slimming down their burgeoning appearance.

"It provides support to help with the uncomfortable weight being carried in your stomach which affects your lower back - and the compression on the leggings help with pain relief caused by swelling".

This time it involves her shapewear brand, Skims, and her decision to create a maternity collection. She didn't mention Kardashian West by name but tweeted, "It would be so cool if pregnant people could just be allowed to be pregnant and get bigger and not be self conscious, and enjoy the miracle taking place inside their body and not have to worry about feeling embarrassed / shamed that their body is changing for an incredible reason". I'm a huge supporter of body positivity, cheering on activists like Jameela Jamil whose I Weigh campaign and community is a much-needed conversation starter around celebrating all bodies.

The British starlet went on to state that she does not blame pregnant ladies for feeling uneasy.

She modeled the maternity shapewear herself and kicked things off by saying, "Hi guys, actual pregnant person here!", before launching into why she prefers pregnancy shapewear over underwear.

"When you're pregnant and you're sitting down a lot, or on bed rest like me, you tend to just sit there, and if you're wearing regular, basic-a** underwear, all it does is roll inside of folds I didn't even know I had", the wife of John Legend continued. Kim continued, clarifying the goal of the collection, saying that "The belly part doesn't slim your belly. But from the discourse online I will say: I wish we could just Normalize just focusing on the inside of a pregnant body, not the outside", Jamil, 34, wrote in an Instagram on Sunday.

Granted, snatching doesn't sound like a word you want to be associated with your breasts (no doubt your baby will soon be doing enough of that), but if Skims maternity line can help women feel good about their bodies at a time when it can feel like yours is no longer your own, then that can only be a positive.

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The line debuts on September 16. "Join the waitlist now to receive early access to shop".

Not everyone was happy with SKIMS' new maternity line, asking why women need to sculpt their bodies while pregnant, despite the practicalities some of the products bring.

Jamil has previously criticized the Kardashians for their business ventures such as the promotion of weight loss products, the KKW founder's body makeup brand, and use of filters on photos.

"After what will be 14 years, 20 seasons, hundreds of episodes and several spin-off shows, we've decided as a family to end this very special journey". "We all know each other. you can't just make. up about us".

"We'll forever cherish the wonderful memories and countless people we've met along the way". However, many people on social media lashed out on her.

"Kim's audience has grown up with her, so they will welcome new projects".

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