New Nissan Z Proto revealed with twin-turbo V6, manual gearbox!

Nissan Z Proto Combines Retro Styling With Twin-Turbo V6 And Six-Speed Manual

Nissan Z Proto Combines Retro Styling With Twin-Turbo V6 And Six-Speed Manual

The pretty, bright-eyed yellow canary sitting before you is the all-new Nissan Z Proto, an early look at what Nissan's cooking up with the seventh-generation Z. If it feels more like you're looking at an older generation Z, that's on objective.

You may be interested in some of our coverage of past Z cars. The Z Proto doesn't recreate those precisely but departs dramatically from the current 370Z in sporting a set of LED teardrops that serve as a modern interpretation of classic Z lamps.

Penned and developed by the design team in Japan, the Z Proto features teardrop-shaped LED headlights with dual curved LED DRLs per side.

The curve of the hood has also been modeled after first-generation least until the leading edge, where it ends abruptly in a displeasingly large rectangular grille that looks out of place at the front of the smooth, curvy body. Different alloy wheel designs are noticeable, as well as side graphics with a race auto number in one of the adjacent sketches. Yellow accent stitching and piping ties in with the bright yellow pearlescent exterior paint, chosen as a tribute to the popular color choice of first-gen 240Z and 300ZX models.

The modern retro design approach continues into the cabin. Interestingly, the interior looks pretty much production ready, complete with a deep dish three-spoke multifunction steering wheel with a redline shift point at the 12 o' clock position.

The digital instrument cluster has a diagonal of 12,3 inches. There also appears to be a rev-match button on the right (just like on the 370Z), as well as a USB type-C charging port just in front of the shifter boot.

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It's about the length of Toyota's GR Supra.

Will get a 3.0-litre, twin-turbo V6 mated to a manual gearbox.

While it's exciting that Nissan is committed to offering a powerful, rear-wheel drive, manual gearbox-equipped sports vehicle, reports suggest that it won't hit showrooms until 2023.

The company didn't go into too many details, but said they "sought advice from professional motorsports legends to give the Z Proto an ideal sports vehicle cabin, both for road and track". "Z is a balance of power and agility".

In terms of size, the Z Proto measures 172.5 inches (4382 mm) long, 72.8 inches (1,849 mm) wide and 51.6 inches (1,311 mm) tall.

Concrete technical details are relatively thin, with the concept meant to be more a design peek than a performance preview, but Nissan has provided enough to whet our appetite. "It's a key model in our Nissan NEXT transformation plan, and it's proof of our ability to do what others don't dare to do, from A to Z. As a Z fan myself, I'm excited to announce that the next Z is coming", he said.

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