Penn State's Franklin Talks About the Lead Up to 2020 Season

Getty Images Pac-12 moves toward'return to competition after Big Ten announces resumption of football season

Getty Images Pac-12 moves toward'return to competition after Big Ten announces resumption of football season

Those issues aren't likely to get any better.

Trump has taken credit for saving the Big Ten's 2020 football season, saying the conference had no chance to play if the White House didn't get involved.

Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott initially said California and OR were preventing schools in those states from holding team contact activities. "We talked and I told the commissioner that if there's other teams that can play and we can't, I think we gotta let them play".

After all, if you're the Pac-12, can you really afford to be the only Power 5 school not playing in the fall?

"I think it's just a insane year".

California Gov. Gavin Newsom and Scott spoke Wednesday.

"Our California and OR universities will now each individually and immediately reach out to their relevant county public health officials to seek clarification on what is required to achieve the same clearance to resume contact practice and competition", he said in a statement.

ESPN has been reporting a story that will be exciting for any fans of Pac-12 football, an update that gives more hope than what was previously thought in terms of a possible season despite the COVID-19 pandemic that the world is now dealing with.

"We want Oregon and Oregon State players to be able to focus on football while protecting their health and safety", Boyle said.

Day has argued that the move to postpone could have taken a large toll on the professional prospects of many Ohio State players.

Players from OR started to do the same early Wednesday. Approval from local officials is still needed for UCLA, USC, Oregon and Oregon State to get back on the field.

Meanwhile, the Big Ten was on the sideline, with coaches struggling to explain to players why other teams could play but they could not.

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If neither of them has hired an agent, they could reverse those decisions and make OSU even more of a playoff contender.

"We've already been doing some cardiac MRIs on our student-athletes, and the plan is to do those through Northwestern Medicine".

Six of the Big Ten schools-Penn State, Indiana, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan State, and Nebraska-are in counties where new cases are now averaging more than 30 per 100,000 people per day, according to the Washington Post. Said University of Illinis Athletic Director Josh Whitman: "As a society, we have to learn how to live in this environment". That breakthrough was cited as one of the major reasons for the Big Ten's return. The Nittany Lions were ranked 9th in the preseason AP Polls before all the Big-10 teams were removed after play started with the other conferences. Returning to the field would significantly impact the national picture.

The governor created confusion in his midday news conference when he said there was nothing in state rules preventing teams from playing. This week, all of those schools were dropped from the poll. The Pac-12 announced on September 3 that it reached an agreement with Quidel Corporation to implement daily coronavirus testing with student-athletes for all close-contact sports. Players will be tested incessantly, and some results surely will be positive. It needed to be asked, even if he didn't give much of an direct answer.

The schedule does not allow for any games to be postponed or made up. I'm just trying to stay open-minded and creative.

"It's totally about the players", Franklin said.

"Our position up this this point was not to play in the fall". Games have started, with the Big 12 and Atlantic Coast Conference kicking off last week.

President Trump on Wednesday cheered the Big Ten Conference's decision to resume its college football season in late October.

"We're excited and we can't wait to get started", Michigan State linebacker Antjuan Simmons said.

Trump's urging of college football to resume continues his broader efforts to return aspects of American life to normalcy, despite the still-raging pandemic.

And Kirk Ciarrocca is optimistic about the Lions offense for the season ahead.

"The commissioner outlined the challenges that we are facing in the Pac-12", said.

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