There's Going To Be A Full Corn Moon Visible This Week

An aircraft passes the full moon as it approaches the airport in Frankfurt Germany Friday Sept. 13 2019

An aircraft passes the full moon as it approaches the airport in Frankfurt Germany Friday Sept. 13 2019

This week, my celebration occurs by the light of the last Full Moon of the summer, which arrives Wednesday, September 2nd at 1:30 in the morning.

A Blue Moon on Halloween, however, is a truly rare event and we're not likely to see another one until 2039, according to The Old Farmer's Almanac.

The Harvest Moon will therefore be on October 1st, and the September moon will take on a new name. But the moon rules appear to be a bit tricky when it comes to this.

Normally, we only have 12 full moons a year, with the full moon in September being the Harvest Moon.

The special moon that you will be seeing this week is called the Corn Moon.

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The 2020 September full moon is just too soon to be a genuine harvest moon, as indicated by the Farmers' Almanac, which says the title goes to the full moon nearest to the harvest time equinox, the primary day of fall, on Sept. 22.

European tribes also typically call this early full Moon a Fruit Moon, as it signals the fruits ripening at the end of Summer, and the Barley Moon, due to the "harvesting and threshing of the barley". You can check out his blog here.

In rooting around for why this name, what I have come to imagine is that the Wine Moon is so-named because the Sun is setting right now in the vicinity of the constellation Virgo, where we find the star Vindemiatrix. On the other side, we have the sun, which governs our.

You can hear a recording of Stewart's show here.

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