Vivaldi Browser Adds a Pause Button for the Internet

With close to ~1.5 million active users, the browser specifically targets the more technically-inclined users and offers a host of privacy and security features, similar to the fearless browser.

Version 3.3 of the Vivaldi browser will also allow full-page blocking if it happens to meet the conditions set by the user in the Tracker and Ad Blocker.

It can be hard to tear yourself away from the never-ending stream of content provided by the internet, so Vivaldi chose to make taking a break easier by introducing a pause button. The new release adds a major new Break Mode feature to encourage regular screen breaks.

Break Mode, according to Vivaldi, is a one-touch mode in version 3.3 of its desktop browser.

Vivaldi has also introduced a bunch of new themes for private windows.

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Normally, a user might take a break by walking away from the PC, minimizing the browser, or shutting the app (or the PC) entirely. In addition, it will also introduce some new rules to improve security. Since, due to the work-from-home situation because of the coronavirus pandemic, it is becoming hard to draw a distinction between personal and professional time. When pressed, Break Mode is engaged, which "mutes and stops HTML5 audio and videos, hides all tabs, panels, and other content leaving the screen clean".

To enable the break mode (or basically pause the internet), you can click on the Pause button in the status bar or use the 'Ctrl +.' shortcut on the keyboard. This will help you take a break from your hectic life. When done with the break, users can then head back and resume their activity where they left off, by simply pressing the unpause button on the browser.

Overall, Vivaldi 3.3.2022.86 comes with 48 bug fixes and seven new features. One such is the ability to add new themes for private windows. When users open a Private Window for the first time they'll see it's been allocated its own "Blurple" theme. [eTLD is the effective top-level domain, whereas eTLD+1 is eTLD and the domain preceding it].

Vivaldi is also highlighting the base domain in the URL to help users identify malicious web pages.

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