Election town hall: Trump denounces white supremacy during town hall

'You're not someone's crazy uncle' - Trump pressed on tweeting conspiracy theories about Biden at town hall

'You're not someone's crazy uncle' - Trump pressed on tweeting conspiracy theories about Biden at town hall

Mr Trump sarcastically told Guthrie she was "so cute" when she continued to press him. Abrams and Aaron Sorkin spoke out in a letter against the network's plan to air a town hall with President Donald Trump on Thursday (October 15) at 8 PM, directly opposite the Joe Biden town hall on ABC, the network revealed they are sticking with the time slot.

The CDC study that Trump referred to didn't even state a percentage of who doesn't wear masks. The cracks started showing when Guthrie began pressing him about his stance on white supremacy.

Trump also dodged questions about a New York Times investigation of two decades of his tax returns, which he has refused to release publicly despite decades of precedent for presidential candidates.

Trump said that all he knew about the conspiracy theory is that "they are very much against pedophilia" and agree with that.

Guthrie opened her town hall, held at an outdoor venue in Miami, by questioning him repeatedly about when he last tested negative for COVID-19 before testing positive on October 1.

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At another point, Guthrie asked Trump why he retweeted a wild claim from a Twitter user about the 2011 operation to kill Osama bin Laden, which claimed the death of bin Laden was "fake". "That was an opinion of someone, and that was a retweet", Trump said. And that was a retweet. "People can decide for themselves; I don't take a position". I'll put it out there.

She pressed him on his prolific tweeting, telling him he's not someone's "crazy uncle" who can tweet whatever they want. I promise you there is no reason to suggest that there should be any right denied to your daughter that your other daughter has the right to be and do.

During his hour-long town hall, Trump confirmed that he might owe $400 million personally but did not state to whom he owes the debt. "He added that he didn't owe any money to Russian Federation or to "sinister people." $400 million is a peanut", Trump said during his town hall.

"Trump added that he is now being audited and that the IRS mistreats him".

"They fight it very hard but I know nothing about it". But we're under audit.

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