Hayley Williams shades former Paramore members over anti-LGBTQI+ beliefs

Hayley Williams shades former Paramore members over homophobia

Hayley Williams shades former Paramore members over homophobia

Taking to Twitter earlier today, Williams wrote, "There's a reason there are only 3 people left in Paramore".

Paramore vocalist Hayley Williams offered a little insight into the band's past Wednesday, explaining why there are only three members left from the original group and seemingly tying it to a stance on homophobia.

In contrast, Hayley Williams, who was an absolute, undeniable staple of 2000s alternative culture, continues to be a badass.

Josh exited the group on December 18, 2010, alongside his brother, Zac Farro.

The two tweets, which have now been liked and retweeted in their hundreds of thousands, arrived after it was alleged that former guitarist Josh Farro (who left the band in 2010) had posted a statement online calling homosexuality a "perversion".

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"To Paramore's LGBTQ+ family (and [Brian J O'Connor, Hayley's hair and makeup artist] I am talkin straight to you)", she continued, "you are full of love and you are loved".

Read Zac Farro's statement below.

"My name was included on that blog post yes, but I had not been briefed on the entirety of what that message contained..." Zac returned to the band in 2016 and is the current drummer. "I am saying that I have a voice of my own and my voice stands with our band and our fans, not with words including me in actions I do not agree with". "Surprise, haters, it ain't cause of me", she began.

Others on Twitter posted screenshots of other posts taken from Farro's Facebook account, all of which have a conservative bias.

PinkNews has contacted representatives of Josh Farro for comment.

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