Nanoleaf Shapes - Triangles arrive to shape up the smart light market

Nanoleaf Launches New HomeKit-Enabled Shapes Triangle and Mini Triangle Lighting Panels

Nanoleaf Launches New HomeKit-Enabled Shapes Triangle and Mini Triangle Lighting Panels

Smart lighting industry leader Nanoleaf announces the launch of Shapes Triangles and Mini Triangles, the latest addition to the company's highly successful Shapes Line.

The new Shapes Triangles are Nanoleaf's second triangle-shaped product and are a followup to the original Nanoleaf Light Panels that were triangle shaped.

Like the new Shapes panels, local pricing and availability for these new products is still TBD. These panels allow you to slot different shapes together to form unique patterns. The triangles and mini triangles can be connected to each other, and they can also be connected to the hexagonal panels. "Nanoleaf's vision for the Shapes Line is to give users complete design freedom to create their most personal lighting experience yet".

The new smart lighting will be available in multiple packages.

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Triangles and Mini Triangles align perfectly with Hexagons, and each other, to unlock a lot of new potential designs for your walls and some nice, cohesive outer shape designs like big diamonds, depending you align your panels. The Shapes Line combines intelligent technology and well thought-out design and leads the Smart Decor category for a lighting experience that really knows no boundaries.

The mini triangles can be used alone and are sold in a standalone set. The lighting is vibrant, but the three corners are brighter, which is a small gripe since it's not as uniformed as we would like.

Nanoleaf's got a number of options for controlling their lights as well - of course, you can use their app or connect them up with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Samsung SmartThings and even IFTTT.

The panels are touch-sensitive too, and support Nanoleaf's Screen Mirror mode, which sees them change colour to match whatever game or movie you have on - though this relies on software run through a PC, so it's a bit fiddly to get set up with a regular TV. Alongside the launch of the new light panels, Nanoleaf will be debuting an app update that includes a new color picker and a more intuitive interface that allows for access to a wider range of colors and palettes. In the future, Nanoleaf plans to introduce an "Essentials" line that is equipped with smart light bulbs and light strips. The new Shapes Triangles and Mini Triangles are now available to purchase from the Nestleaf website, Best Buy, and Home Depot. Finally is the Mini Triangles expansion pack with 10 light panels for $119. The starter kit includes 7 Triangle Light Panels while the Expansion Pack includes 3 Triangle Light Panels ($59.99 USD). There's two products in that range right now, an "A19" smart bulb (which is a term that I've discovered while writing this post describes the shape of the bulb rather than its connector type), and an 80-inch (2-metre) light strip product.

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